Is there a connection between this guy ... (Mark Fellman)

(For the record: Yes, such a clip does appear. And no, I am not going to spoil the clip by telling you what’s in it.)

... and this guy? (Evan Agostini)

Wait, what? Ralph Macchio, as in the former “Outsider” and “Karate Kid” and the current contestant on “Dancing With the Stars”?

Actually, no.

A rep for Paramount, the studio distributing “Thor,” confirmed that the filmmakers did intend to thank Ralph Macchio. Just not that Ralph Macchio.

As serious comic aficionados may know, there is a Ralph Macchio who also happens to be a veteran editor and writer for Marvel Comics. He co-wrote “Thor” issues back in the early ’80s, and undoubtedly deserved some gratitude for his feedback on the film.

According to, the Marvel Macchio is not related to that other Ralph, but has been nicknamed the Karate Kid because of the name similarity. If the actor Macchio wins “Dancing With the Stars,” the Marvel Macchio can undoubtedly look forward to a whole new round of jokes and nicknames.