Ferrell, making pro basketball infinitely funnier. (Chris Graythen/GETTY IMAGES)

Ferrell, in New Orleans shooting a movie with Zach Galifianakis, was asked to introduce the teams for last night’s matchup between the New Orleans Hornets and the Chicago Bulls. And he had some choice comments to make about each big man he introduced.

Of Chicago Bull and former Duke University star Carlos Boozer: “At forward, No. 5 — he still lives with his mother — Carlos Boozer!” (See, he could have gone with a more obvious Boozer/loser joke, like the ones University of Maryland students used to make at Boozer’s expense. But Ferrell is a Mark Twain Prize recipient, and he takes basketball comedy to another level.)

Of Bull and NCAA championship player Joakim Noah: “He’s a Scorpio and a horrible dancer.”

Of New Orleans player Trevor Ariza: “At forward, 6’8 from UCLA, he still loves to listen to Bell Biv DeVoe — Trevor Ariza!”

He also suggested that Luol Deng of the Bulls “collects rare birds and has a pet dolphin named Chachi.”

Clearly Ferrell is busy, but seriously, can he do this on a more regular basis? If Clint Eastwood has time to launch a golf network, surely the star of “Semi-Pro” can carve out a few hours to continue saying insane things about professional basketball players for our amusement.

Watch video of his Bulls announcements here, then view the Hornets lineup, presented Ferrell-style, below: