Susan Lucci, joining the ranks of the unemployed now that “All My Children” is no more. (Jeff Christensen/Associated Press)

ABC announced today that “All My Children,” the soap opera that has kept Lucci in the Erica Kane business since 1970, has been canceled. “One Life to Live” also got the ax; that soap, which debuted in 1968, will end its run in January. “All My Children” comes to a close in September.

In a statement, Lucci said she’s “looking forward to all kinds of new and exciting opportunities.”

So what should the Queen of Grace During Emmy Defeat do now that she’s lost her day job?

Not that she needs the help, but here are a few ideas.

Replace Regis Philbin on “Live With Regis and Kelly”: Lucci’s friend Philbin has already announced his retirement. His departure and the end of her soap could open the door for her to sit in the co-host seat next to her former “All My Children” co-star Ripa. She’s got talk show experience and has guest-hosted before. And it would give her a reason to move back to her native New York.

Join the cast of a Broadway show: In her recently published memoir, “All My Life,” she writes at length about how much she enjoyed her brief stint in “Annie Get Your Gun.” All this free time gives her the availability to star in a show and really commit to a long run.

Write more books: Admittedly, I was not a huge fan of Lucci’s memoir; its prose needed a bit more zip. But hey, Lucci’s been overcommitted for a while. Maybe she could pen (or co-pen) something with more zing now that she has the mental energy to devote to it. With “All My Children” off her plate, maybe the actress could take on a different sort of writing project: a series of romance novels with Erica Kane as the main character. Possibly done in a choose-your-own-adventure format?

Join the cast of “The Office”: Clearly Dunder Mifflin needs a new boss. So maybe Lucci in an Erica Kane-style role could team up with Kathy Bates’s Jo Bennett and really whip that paper company into shape, female-power style. You know, assuming Will Ferrell doesn’t stay.

Nothing: After working the same, often demanding job for more than 40 years, I know what I’d want to do: take some time off. Maybe that’s exactly what Lucci should do, too. Lord knows the woman has earned the right to relax.

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