When most of us watched Pixar’s “Up,” we didn’t look at the home owned by Carl and Ellie and think: I wonder if the appliances in their kitchen have been updated? Or: Do those light switches convey?

But it turns out the answer to both of those questions is yes.

Bangerter Homes, a builder based in Salt Lake City, has painstakingly recreated the “Up” house, mimicking every visible detail from the movie, from the fireplace mantel (complete with the framed photo, binoculars and other items that were placed on it) to the stork mural Ellie painted in the nursery. In other words, they did a much more meticulous, livable, grander-scale version of the Peeps diorama that won the Post’s annual contest back in 2010.

Because only some rooms in the pseudo-Victorian are visible in the film, they improvised a bit, building modern appliances in the kitchen, for example, but with retro-style turquoise facades on them. (See what it looks like in the video above.)

The current asking price for the 2,761-square-foot home? $399,900, though if and when it does sell, one has to assume it will go for more than that.

The builders embarked on this project as part of the 65th annual Parade of Homes, a Salt Lake City event hosted by the Salt Lake Home Builders Association that runs through Aug. 15.

In the few weeks since the house was built — and the “Up” house started to generate international publicity — Curt Dowdle, executive officer for the Association, says the people at Bangerter have received multiple offers for the property, from potential buyers as far away as Paris and Pakistan.

“I think there’s enough Disney followers out there that it’s like memorabilia to some people,” he said, even though it’s an occupiable home.

Despite the interest, however, Dowdle said Bangerter will probably hold on to the house for a little while. For the record, as the Salt Lake City Tribune noted, the builders got Disney’s blessing before proceeding with the design and construction. And also for the record: Despite the balloons spilling out of the chimney, no, this thing won’t fly.