Kidman and Efron at the Cannes premiere of “The Paperboy.” (Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

You know, “The Paperboy” — that movie everyone was talking about at the Cannes Film Festival because it was totally cray-cray to the 87th degree. You know the movie I’m talking about. Don’t make me put it in crude terms to make you remember.

Fine. It’s that movie where Nicole Kidman urinates on Zac Efron.

Of course. Now it rings a bell ...

Well, “the scene” isn’t in the movie. But there is plenty of Kidman acting like a ’60s-era Courtney Stodden, Zac Efron dancing in his undies, John Cusack acting like a maniac in need of a hairbrush and everyone from Matthew McConaughey to Macy Gray sweating it up in the hot, sinful Florida environs.

Watch and enjoy. Oh, and whoever guesses how many beads of perspiration were secreted during production wins a complimentary tube of Kidman’s pink lip gloss.