Zach Gilford proposes to Aimee Teegarden on “Friday Night Lights.” For the record, she is not his real fiancee. (Bill Records/NBC)

Zach Gilford has gotten engaged to his girlfriend, actress Kiele Sanchez.

That’s the headline, as reported by Us magazine. But the real story for serious fans of two now off-the-air TV dramas is: Matt Saracen of “Friday Night Lights” is planning to marry Nikki Fernandez from “Lost,” one half of the non-dynamic duo that briefly ruined the island mystery during Season 3.

How did this happen? And does Grandma Saracen know about this?

The Us story is somewhat limited on details; it says the couple got engaged recently and began dating in the spring of 2010 after shooting the pilot for ABC’s “The Matadors,” which was not picked up. Sanchez, 35, has clearly left her “Lost” days behind her; she now stars on A&E’s “The Glades.”And Gilford, 29, has been spotted in various films and on ABC’s short-lived medical series “Off the Map.”

But we still think of her as the “Expose” star who got buried alive after being bitten by a spider, and him as the quarterback who made us bawl like small children when he struggled with his father’s death. So really, the only way to bring all this full circle is for Paulo (Rodrigo Santoro) to propose to Julie Taylor (Aimee Teegarden). Is that a possibility?