Okay, you’re in the right place.

This is Checkpoint Washington, a national security blog produced by the staff of The Washington Post. It originally launched several months ago on a trial run. Now it’s back to stay.

As the banner on the page says, this is the place for coverage of diplomacy, intelligence and military affairs. That means news and analysis, but it also means bite-sized news nuggets that might not otherwise make it into print.

You’re going to find a little bit of everything here. Our goal, simply put, is to become indispensable reading for people who care about national security.

These are the kinds of issues that matter. In fact, with U.S. forces in three war zones and an administration balancing foreign policy priorities from Kabul to Beijing, they matter a lot.

I’m a former foreign and national security editor, and I’ll be one of the lead writers for the blog. But I’ll also be joined by others on The Post’s national security staff. That means that, as your guides, you’ll have some of the best in the business.

You have tips? Story pitches? Complaints? We’ll take them all.

We also welcome your general impressions of the blog. You can expect us to improvise in the early stages, trying new things we hope will work and getting rid of whatever doesn’t. We hope you can help us make this a better, more useful resource.

So here we go.

E-mail us (checkpoint@washpost.com). Tweet us (@checkpointwash). Friend us (Checkpoint Washington).

We’re going to have fun.