Death of Osama bin Laden book? Check.

Death of Osama bin Laden T-shirt? Check.

Death of Osama bin Laden graphic novel? Check, check, check.

Yes, that’s right, because these things have a certain way of taking on a life of their own, a California comic book publisher is releasing a graphic novel about the raid that killed bin Laden, animating the lives of SEAL Team 6 and the others who had a hand in the operation in Abbottabad.

“Code Word: Geronimo” was written by retired Marine Capt. Dale Dye, an author and longtime consultant on military films including “Platoon” and “Saving Private Ryan,” and his wife, Julia, who conducted the research for the book.

It’s a tricky feat, given that much about the raid remains shrouded in secrecy. To accomplish it, the Dyes say they scoured media reports and other public descriptions of the operation, while Capt. Dye interviewed some he knew in the special operations community.

There was also, as he put it, some SWAG -- “scientific wild-ass guesses.”

A general description of the roles played by President Obama and CIA Director Leon Panetta is enough to invent some dialogue. And a general understanding of Black Hawks is enough to speculate that the one that went down in Abbottabad was bearing too much weight.

(“With the Hawks carrying all this sound-suppression gear and extra fairings, it’s tight as a popcorn fart,” the fictional mission commander for the aviation unit worries ominously in one scene.)

In an interview, Dye said he and his wife got to thinking about doing a comic book about the bin Laden raid almost immediately after it happened. They had already done books, music videos, video games about the military. Why not a comic book?

The point, Dye said, is to “celebrate what happened, especially among youngsters.”

“The people who pulled this off are calm, solid professionals, not a bunch of … assassins,” he said. “I want very much for people who read this to understand that we’re still a nation that can produce those people – patriots like that who are willing to lay it on the line at every turn.”

Julia Dye said she wanted the killing of bin Laden to be remembered as “something we all did together” and likened the graphic novel to “a souvenir program”

Alrighty then.

“Code Word: Geronimo” comes out in September.

You can read more about it here.

You can see some samples from a draft of the book here.

Full color apparently on the way.