President Obama and his generals are at war over the Afghan drawdown plan!

Well, not exactly.

But that’s the sense you get after watching a new commercial from Keep America Safe, a national security organization run by Liz Cheney, a daughter of the the former vice president.

Over at, they’ve done a pretty good deconstruction of the commercial.

To be fair, top military commanders were hoping the president would keep the vast majority of the surge forces in Afghanistan through the end of 2012, rather than bring 10,000 troops home this year and another 23,000 by September 2012. But as Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told lawmakers last month: “There is no jumping ship here. Quite the contrary: We will have at our disposal the great bulk of the surge forces throughout this — and most of the next — fighting season.”

The commercial, on the front edge of Obama’s re-election campaign, marks only the start of what will almost certainly be a prolonged debate over the wisdom of the president’s timeable for withdrawal from Afghanistan.

By election time, if Afghanistan is relatively stable and local governance is strengthened, commercials such as Keep America’s Safe won’t matter much. But if Afghanistan is still a mess, you can expect to see a lot more of them.