Back in the day, getting the Medal of Honor was a simpler if still highly prestigious affair. There was the medal, the ceremony, the photographs.

These days, the recipient gets to virtually star in his own video game.

Check out the “Battlescape” simulation feature set up by the Army in honor of Sgt. 1st Class Leroy A. Petry, the Ranger who earlier today received the Medal of Honor for gallantry from President Obama.

Past recipients — including Staff Sgt. Salvatore A. Giunta and Staff Sgt. Robert J. Miller — have also gotten the full and well-deserved multimedia treatment, but the full-action scene-by-scene montage for Petry is something else, and something to behold.

Maybe a good way for the military to communicate the importance of the Medal of Honor to a younger audience that, in many ways, still hasn’t grasped the meaning of the distinction.

Check back here later for a story on the White House ceremony for Sgt. 1st Class Petry, only the second living service member to receive the medal for action in Afghanistan.