A great team of reporters at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution are offering a package of everything you would ever want to know about what has just happened in Georgia--the biggest school test cheating bust in U.S. history.

The AJC material, which includes the full Georgia Bureau of Investigation report just released by the state, shows what happens when officials take widespread and high levels of suspicious test erasures seriously. They went to the schools with investigative power, did not accept lame excuses, and got scores of confessions of wrongdoing.

The USA Today investigation of the D.C. schools shows at least as much suspicious wrong-to-right erasures on tests (a possible indication of tampering by adults) as was first detected in Atlanta. I am not sure if the Atlanta bust will lead DC officials to toughen their investigation, or wrap it up fast and hope the whole thing is forgotten. (The Atlanta district tried the latter and it blew up on them.) Read the AJC coverage and tell us which choice you would like D.C. to make.