In Saturday’s Washington Post: Christine Brewer comes on soft, and strong, by Anne Midgette.

Other views: Charles T. Downey on

Patrick D. McCoy on

Itzhak Perlman’s students earn the spotlight at the Terrace Theater, by Joe Banno.

In Monday’s Washington Post : In New York, an opera for every audience, by Anne Midgette.

I linked other reviews of the Met’s “Comte Ory” in this post (which also contains my full-length “Ory” review). Here are some other views of City Opera’s “Monodramas”:

Anthony Tommasini in the New York Times.

James Jorden in the New York Post.

Added: Web-only review: Wolf Quartet seldom roars, by Tom Huizenga.

More coming tomorrow. What did you see this weekend?