Not so much to laugh about: the violinist Dan Zhu failed to impress in his official NSO debut. (Courtesy of The Kennedy Center)

I haven’t said it in a while, and it may bear repeating, that my filing deadline for the National Symphony Orchestra concerts on Thursday nights means that a number of people don’t get to see the review in the paper. I file after the suburban edition has gone to press, so I make the final editions. This morning, my review wasn’t even in our edition in NW DC, as sometimes happens. Saying this on the blog is preaching to the choir, since if you’re reading this you’ve already figured out how to find these Friday reviews, but you might spread the word to people who don’t know; I do get occasional (understandably) disgruntled letters from NSO subscribers who are under the impression that I never, ever review NSO concerts. This is the downside of overnight reviews.

As for last night’s concert — I was underwhelmed. Last week I wrote a little appreciation of Eschenbach’s proteges, but I confess he lost me with the violinist Dan Zhu.