In this weekend’s Washington Post, two ways of looking at Ricky Ian Gordon, plus a librettist’s-eye-view.

Setting the Civil War, one song at a time, by Anne Midgette: a profile of the composer and his upcoming work ”Rappahannock County.”

“Rappahannock County” librettist explains his process, by Anne Midgette: Mark Campbell talks about creating the texts for five different premieres.

Urban Arias’s sweet triumph of a debut, by Anne Midgette. A review of “Orpheus and Euridice,” a 2005 song cycle by Ricky Ian Gordon, which opened the new opera company/festival Urban Arias on Thursday night.

Plus, Web-only review: Green Sneakers at Urban Arias, by Charles T. Downey.

That’s a lot of coverage of Ricky Ian Gordon. But Ricky Ian Gordon has a lot of operas going on these days: two chamber works running in Arlington through April 10, followed by a brand-new song cycle on April 12. Gordon straddles a musical-theater sensibility and an opera composer’s ambitions; some might call the result lightweight, but it’s a lightweight that a lot of people clearly enjoy hearing.