In Friday’s Washington Post:

Two violinists traveling in opposite directions in the music world, by Anne Midgette. Matt Albert is a violinist with eighth blackbird, one of the most successful contemporary music groups around (playing tonight in Washington). But he’s leaving at the end of the season — to try to become an orchestra musician. Yvonne Lam, meanwhile, will be leaving her post as assistant concertmaster of the Washington National Opera Orchestra, to replace him in eighth blackbird. Lam’s is a Cinderella story; Albert’s seems counterintuitive. “The group does so many different things,” he says. “It’s hard to describe to people that you can get tired of something when that something is almost anything.”

This story bucks all kinds of conventional wisdom about young musicians and orchestras: Albert is hoping to join one, and Lam, though excited, is sorry to leave the orchestra, which she loves. “I don’t think I am going into a dying world or anything like that,” Albert says.

Read the story and comment here: do you know of other cases of musicians leaving successful steady jobs because they’re looking for a different kind of job satisfaction?

Reviews: I’ve liked Sarah Coburn when I’ve heard her before, but her recital Wednesday night was a big disappointment.

And I was also expecting more from Thomas Dausgaard’s NSO debut with Nikolai Lugansky. Other opinions? He was certainly on top of the music.

Above: Sarah Coburn on a night when she was getting a little more help from director and conductor.