A belated roundup of the weekend’s review links.

Having reviewed one strikingly popular set of Bach’s unaccompanied cello suites by Zuill Bailey at the start of the month, Joan Reinthaler returned for a second helping on viola da gamba by Paolo Pandolfo. She was not especially impressed.

She had a lot more fun at the Imani Winds concert, yet another notable installment of the new new-music series at the Atlas after last week’s memorable and intense performance by Ethel. (Disregard the fact that we got the headline wrong.)

The pianist Simone Dinnerstein came to town, and talked to Katherine Boyle for a nice profile. Robert Battey, who loved her performance last year returned for a second helping on Sunday, and found that while he loves the playing, he would like more variety. (Dinnerstein tends to divide audiences, as is clear from the comments on Battey’s review.)

Meanwhile, I — went to an art show. Here’s my take on the National Gallery’s exhibit of the prints and influence of Castiglione.

Simone Dinnerstein divides audiences: the reviewer liked her concert but wanted more variety, and met resistance from one reader who loved the concert, and one who didn’t. Here, she talks about Bach.

Edited to add: And here’s a video that embodies the idea of expressing the personal in music, made to accompany her latest CD release. Discuss.