Susan Graham, alas, was felled by laryngitis, and her Saturday concert at the Kennedy Center was cancelled at the last minute. (The Washington Performing Arts Society didn’t find out until 11:30 in the morning before a 3 p.m. performance.) Details of rescheduling are still pending, but WPAS is also offering ticket-holders a full refund or exchange for tickets to another performance.

Even without this recital, however, this was one of the most jam-packed weekends for classical concerts of the season.

Patrick Rucker was favorably impressed by Jonathan Biss on Saturday night, although observing that he is neither Schnabel nor Brendel.

Charles T. Downey found that the Cygnus Ensemble’s heartfelt tribute to Fritz Kreisler inadvertently pointed out that the great violinist wasn’t up to much as a composer.

Joan Reinthaler checked out the Tchaikovsky St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra at George Mason University on Saturday, whose identity the New York Times questioned last year, and found it to be, as one might expect, a decent mid-level orchestra.

Reinthaler also heard ECCO (the East Coast Chamber Orchestra), the virtuosic chamber ensemble of friends with day jobs as soloists and orchestras around the country, and found them to be the epitome of passionate refinement. (With this, she nails a coupling of traits I think one hears a lot from professional classical music ensembles.)

Sunday’s concert reviews will follow in tomorrow’s paper. Even so, there were a number of notable concerts we were unable to cover. Did anyone see any concert they thought was worthy of mention? Post your thoughts in the comments section.