It’s a nice weekend when all the critics are genuinely excited about the concerts they saw.

I went to the Daniil Trifonov recital. It was amazing. I don’t often gush, but I’ll remember it for a long time. (I had already been powerfully impressed by him when I heard him with Gergiev and the Mariinsky in October, 2011.)

Die-hards could have heard two performances of the Chopin Preludes in a single day had they gone to Trifonov in the afternoon and Brian Ganz’s Strathmore recital in the evening, which Grace Jean reviewed and enjoyed.

Joan Reinthaler heard Garrick Ohlsson with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra in repertory he’s not usually associated with — the “Rach 3” — and said he pulled it off admirably.

It wasn’t all piano this weekend, though. The Fairfax Symphony is one of the often-unsung gems in this area, and Stephen Brookes heard Christopher Zimmerman lead them in what sounds like an exhilerating performance.

Above: The flashiness is less characteristic of Daniil Trifonov than the poetry, but this “Firebird” arrangement ended his Saturday WPAS recital with a bang, or a number of bangs.