Norman Scribner in 1990. (Photo by John McDonnell/TWP) (Courtesy TWP Archives) (John McDonnell/TWP/John McDonnell/TWP)

Katherine Boyle wrote a wonderful profile of Scribner in Sunday’s Washington Post.

And I reviewed his final concert, the Brahms Requiem, on Sunday afternoon.

I seem to have been raising a lot of questions in public this week about the limitations and concerns of writing performance reviews. It’s true I could have written a straight review of Sunday’s concert, picking apart Scribner’s technique and/or interpretations, criticizing the soprano for being too cool, jumping on perceived sloppinesses, or granting kudos for moments that did work. I said in the review that I didn’t feel that kind of taskmistressing evaluation was an appropriate response to give a man who is taking leave of his life’s work, and I stand by that decision strongly. I’m intrigued to see that some of the people who read the piece feel otherwise.