The National Symphony Orchestra had the first concert of its South America tour on June 13 in Mexico City. The arrival of Eschenbach and the orchestra in Mexico was heralded with much fanfare: El Universal, one of Mexico’s leading papers, averred that the NSO is considered “one of the major national treasures of the United States,” a claim that was probably music to the NSO’s ears, although most American audiences might be a little surprised to hear it.

Reviews of the concert have yet to hit, apart from a couple of enthusiastic comments on the NSO’s Facebook page.

On Sunday, I took a look at what the NSO, and its sponsors, hope to get from this South America tour — apart from a warm-up session for the next tour, through Europe in February 2013.

Above: At the beginning of the 2011-12 season, Christoph Eschenbach talked about how happy he was to be in Washington — even before the two upcoming tours had been formally announced.