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I’ve read a few books about the elusive Prince — all of them somewhat unsatisfying. Will “Prince: Inside the Music and the Masks” be any different? The book, written by Dr. Dre biographer Ronin Ro, landed on my desk yesterday. After a quick leafing-through, it didn’t appear to have a lot of quotation marks — and the ones I did spot were quotes from people other than his Purpleness. Hmmm. Here’s a quick glimpse of what’s inside “Inside” based on turning to random-ish* pages and finding the juiciest line.


Page 72: On love triangles: “Vanity was barely speaking to Prince, riding on a separate bus, unhappy because he was seeing both her and Vanity 6 member Susan Moonsie.”

Page 131: On the media: “Soneone handed Prince the May 7, 1985 edition of The National Enquirer. His eyes widened. A headline read ‘The Real Prince — He’s Trapped in a Bizarre Secret World of Terror.’”


* Prince is 53 years old. “Purple Rain” is ranked at 72 on Rolling Stone’s best albums of all time list. “Sister,” the shortest, nastiest song on “Dirty Mind” clocks in at 1:31.