Active Child’s Pat Grossi has made an engrossing and richly textured album. (Photo by Ricky Chapman)

Grossi’s full-length debut draws from everything and everywhere: It sounds like James Blake made a record with a choir full of chanting, synthesizer-wielding Tibetan monks and then everyone went to the chill-out tent to hang out with Beyonce.

Beautiful and richly textured and ghostly, both sacred and clubby, it’s its own genre: electro-spa. If you don’t like harp music, you might as well stop reading. It boasts one giant slayer of a song (“Playing House,” a collaboration with Tom Krell of How to Dress Well) and a host of like-minded ones, all calibrated for maximum drama, not accessibility. For all the obvious care and craft that went into it, this is music made to be admired, not loved.