It’s a double dose of Boris. (Photo by Miki Matsushima)

This includes releasing two albums at the same time: the thunder-fest “Heavy Rocks” (the second Boris album to be so named) and the more accessibly weird “Attention Please.”

The latter careens between sludgy disco, atmospheric experimental pop and shoe-gazing minimalism, with everything sung/cooed by guitarist Wata (Boris members use only one name), who previously hardly sang at all.

It’s whispery and psychedelic and subtle and not nearly as compelling as the lively, tripped-out “Heavy Rocks,” a scrum of distorto-metal, frantic punk, woeful ballads and Seattle-in-1991-style hard rock.

The best track on either is the grunge-psych track “Riot Sugar,” a shambling sonic puppy featuring an assist from Ian Astbury of the Cult, who, when it comes to nostalgic hard rock, knows what he’s talking about.

Recommended tracks: “Party Boy,” “Attention Please” from “Attention Please”; “Riot Sugar,” “Jackson Head” from “Heavy Rocks”