Pitbull’s new album is overstuffed with surefire hits. (AP Photo/Jorge Sanchez)

His new disc, “Planet Pit,” dispenses with the idea that pop albums should consist of a few celebrity-packed singles topped off with filler. Every song here is a superstar/super-producer collaboration, every song a banger. “Planet Pit” is its own future Greatest Hits package.

How strong is the album? Kelly Rowland and T-Pain are the B team, and even things that have fallen out of favor (Auto-Tune, Chris Brown) seem tolerable again. Pitbull is an effective ringleader, capable of reining in Marc Anthony on the powerhouse “Rain Over Me” and riding herd on Enrique Iglesias on “Come N Go,” possibly the first song ever to feature the holy trinity of Dr. Luke, Benny Blanco and Max Martin — two more super-producers than the track probably needed.