A-Trak experienced his biggest success to date with the Duck Sauce song "Barbra Streisand." (Angela Boatwright)

If this weren't enough, Macklovitch is also a solo artist (he recently worked on the great extended mix "Running Man," released through Nike), brother to Chromeo's David Macklovitch, and an all-around nice guy

In advance of his U Street Music Hall gig on Tuesday, A-Trak talked to Click Track about Barbra Streisand, and "Barbra Streisand."

Have you ever heard anything back from anyone in Barbra Streisand's camp about "Barbra Streisand"?

Yeah, finally! Literally, like, in the last two weeks or so. For the longest time no one could tell us if she was even aware of the song, as the song was [being played] all over Europe and reaching levels of a whatever kind of a hip song overseas. And I didn't know if Barbra herself was aware of it, but I've heard from two or three different people that she likes it. And now we want to meet her-we're on a mission.

When you made that song, you said that you started with the melody. Is that how you usually go about it?

Well it depends on what kind of song. That song uses a lot of samples…so that always gives us a melody. But with Duck Sauce, yeah, we'll always start with music…and figure out what parts to loop and repeat. If I'm working on my own track, where I don’t necessarily have samples, then it's different. It can start with a word or a drumbeat or whatever else, it doesn’t really matter.

What does it do to a DJ's career, to your [visibility], to do something like the Nike project you did?

I didn't see a dramatic change, but it all depends on how it was released.  I think in general in the music industry we're seeing more and more branded albums, music that comes out in non-traditional outlets, not on a record label so much anymore ... But it took a long time before [I would agree to work] with a brand because typically a brand's marketing department often has their own agenda and often want to reshape the music to fit whatever campaign they're doing ... The bottom line is that a brand has more marketing money than any record label nowadays.

So what's next? What do you want to do that you haven’t done yet?
For me the goal has been to put out an album. The Duck Sauce album is gonna come out before the A-Trak album. I've done a whole bunch of projects in my career both on a live level and in recording, but everybody's saying that what remains to be accomplished for me is to put my own record out. This year I'm focusing more on putting out Duck Sauce music ... and then a whole lot more touring. The tour I'm doing this year is a whole lot more involved ... it's different from any other [stage show] people have seen before.