Big Boi could be reunited with his OutKast bandmate Andre 3000 soon. (Diana Levine)

Rumors of a 2012 OutKast album have been percolating and earlier in the day a Rolling Stone article mentioned a possible collaboration with Andre 3000 on Big Boi’s upcoming “Daddy Fat Sax” album. Unsurprisingly, Big Boi didn’t spill any details in a brief post-show interview. But we can confirm that the two are collaborating on a vacation in the very near future!

You can watch a webcast of last night’s concert at

Your tour schedule right now has you going from little shows like this to huge festivals, back and forth. What’s your mindset going into the different shows?

Just to kill it. Always just to kill it. There are legions of fans, generations of fans. From Glastonbury all the way to here, it doesn’t matter if it’s 5,000 or 100,000 people. You gonna rock just as well. And always try to give them a full set. That’s why I do an hour. You don’t want to go in there and do four or five of songs ... I like it when it’s up close and personal because of the energy in one room. It’s like shaking a soda up, you know what I’m saying? The bubbles!

A lot has changed since you first started OutKast. You were so young back then and now there are young rappers that get famous so quickly — Odd Future, Lil B, you know. What advice would you have for some of these newer artists?

You just got to stay true to the craft, man. Make it always about the music. I’ll tell you one thing: gimmicks don’t last long. If you have a gimmick, you’re gonna have to keep finding a new gimmick every year. So really, just stay true to the music and grow with your music. You grow with your music, your people will come along with you. The thing is, though, a lot of new artists now — will they stand the test of time? We’ve been out here 15 years strong... We won album of the year at the Grammys, we done everything. I’m out here right now because I don’t want to sit home and have my wife telling me what to do all day! It gets me out of the house! [Laughs.]

What does she tell you to do?

Take the dog out! Take the trash out! All kinds of [expletive] like that!

You know, Jay-Z and Kanye West announced their tour dates together today. And I was thinking if there were any two rappers that could tour together that could match those two in terms of anticipation and excitement. And I figured out. You’re one of them...


Well there was a Rolling Stone article today that said you and Andre were maybe going to be working together.

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. We got L.A. Reid back, man. All we’re doing now is working on music. Stay tuned. Lot of surprises coming … It’s actually cool. Me and Dre going on vacation this weekend, man. We’re going on a seven-day cruise with our kids. Going on a little cruise.

We’re family, man. You don’t see our personal life in the public all day, but we’ve been out here a long time. We outchea. Very deadly, very potent. So me and Dre going on vacation on Saturday. Bahamas, all around the Caribbean. We’re about to have some fun and kick back with our kids. So that’s what that is.