Was Beyonce everywhere in 2011 or did it just seem that way? (AP Photo/Evan Agostini)

By now, your every song, album and mixtape has been thoroughly dissected by the blogosphere. But what about the fights, the ill-conceived video tributes, the terrible album covers and all the other things that generally make life worth living?

Read on for a rundown of some of the year's most appallingly entertaining (entertainingly appalling?), in no particular order.

Best random verse from "Watch the Throne"
"Basquiats Warhols serving as my muses/My house like a museum, so I see 'em when I’m peeing/Usually you have this much taste you European" ("Illest [Expletive] Alive")

Most awkward Beyonce-related verse from "Watch the Throne"

"You belong with [expletive] who used to be known for dope dealing/You too dope for any of those civilians/Now shoot trigga/Stop looking at her [expletive]/Get your own, dog/Ya heard/That's my b----" ("That's My B----)

Most awkward Beyonce-related verse, non-"Watch the Throne" division
"Talk about baby money/I got your baby money/Kidnap your b----/Get that how much you love your lady money" (Lil Wayne, "I'm Good")

Most Entertaining Beef That Didn't Involve Hank Williams Jr.

Lindsay Lohan vs. Pitbull. In a nutshell: Pitbull referenced Lohan in his song "Give Me Everything" ("I got locked up like Lindsay Lohan"), and Lohan sued him for something or other. At first, Pitbull tried to be the classy one (please God, let us never have to type those words again), dressing up in a suit and tie to respond during the world's fakest interview on his Web site. He later sued Lohan for suing him.

Because The 99 Percent Haven't Suffered Enough

Miley Cyrus supports OWS

Keith Urban’s “Long Hot Summer” still sounds good in December. (Josh Sisk/For The Washington Post)

Keith Urban, “Long Hot Summer”

Best Random Kanye Tweet

"I just threw some kazoo on this b----" (Feb. 7)

Best Loutallica-related Insult

"[I]t's worse than Tune-Yards"-a poster on the Electricalaudio.com message boards

Best insult, non-Loutallica division

"A classic Freudian gynophobe with castration anxiety"- music critic Ann Powers on Tyler, the Creator

Best example of an overhyped 2011 act we had forgotten about until just now

Tyler, the Creator

Honorable Mention: Rebecca Black

Best wardrobe malfunction by someone who just happened to have a new album out

Kelly Rowland at Club 4Sixty6, West Orange, NJ (link mildly NSFW)

Least welcome comeback

Chris Brown

Most Welcome Comeback That Didn't Quite Happen

Feist — who could have guessed that taking four-and-a-half years between albums would be a bad idea?

Best (possibly) unintentional use of phallic imagery

William Shatner, “Seeking Major Tom”

Worst album cover of the year, Pitchfork be damned

Toro y Moi, “Underneath the Pine”

(Ed. note: The above two were previously reversed, accidentally. But if you look at them, it could maybe work either way...)