A Beyonce performance often resembles a cardio routine executed in stiletto heels. And that’s exactly what the Grammy-winning pop star is up to in a lively new music video she’s made for First Lady Michelle Obama’s  “Let’s Move!” campaign against childhood obesity. A White House spokesperson tells the Post that the first lady didn’t have a direct hand in the making of the clip, but said that Beyonce is “a great example of how people can get involved with ‘Let’s Move!’ and bring this message to more and more young people.”

Uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday, the video finds the superstar bounding into a school cafeteria in a pair of high heels (great for working out, right?), knee-high socks and short shorts, leading students through a re-worked version of her 2007 hit single “Get Me Bodied.” The 29-year-old singer tweaks the lyrics, encouraging kids to run, dance and jump rope — all while coaching them through a non-stop dance routine. There are some musical tweaks, too. The second verse includes fleeting salsa, dancehall and hip-hop interludes with dance steps to match.

“A little sweat ain’t never hurt nobody” Beyonce sings, remaining curiously dry and unruffled.

Things get interesting during the cool-down. “Run to the left, to the left… Run back to the right, to the right,” she sings, perhaps offering coded campaign advice to the first lady’s husband. But the song ends with a bipartisan dance move: “Wave the American flag.”