- Was that Bruce Springsteen playing in a public park in Boston the other day? The 27-second video above seems to confirm that; the Boston Herald speculates he was dropping his son of at Boston College. Justin Timberlake also had a surprise performance the other night in New York, but it wasn’t a total shock because he tweeted about it beforehand.

- How is T.I. back in federal custody just one day after being released from prison? Is it because he took a luxury bus to a halfway house? Are we sure this wasn’t all planned out as drama for his new reality show?

- The Jets are back in Winnipeg, so that makes the town’s hockey-crazed fans happy. The NHL will mark the beginning of the season with a big event in to welcome the team back and it may involve a performance by a popular Canadian rock band. The Winnipeg Free Pass drafted an open letter begging for that band not to be Nickelback.

Clicky shuffle: Your random song for Friday morning:

- The Thermals, “A Pillar of Salt”