Bruce Springsteen posted his eulogy for friend and bandmate Clarence Clemons on his Web site. (AP Photo/Bob Child)

- Jill Scott scores the first No. 1 album of her career with “The Light of the Sun,” moving 135,000 copies in its first week. Bon Iver comes in second, as the critically-acclaimed “Bon Iver” sold 104,000 in its first week.

- Yesterday the Internet gave us something called Wugazi . It is exactly what it sounds like — a mashup of rap greats Wu-Tang Clan and D.C. punk legends Fugazi. It is the work of Minnesota hip-hop group Doomtree, and there will be a full album coming soon. It’s called “13 Chambers.” (Get it?) This inspired me to get on Twitter and start the #DischordRapMashup meme. It Takes A National of Ulysses to Hold Us Back, anyone? I also rather enjoyed Fat Joe Lally.

Clicky shuffle: Your random song for Thursday morning:

- Can, “Little Star of Bethlehem”