Clint Black will play for free at the Library of Congress. (Gerald Martineau/TWP)

- Another posthumous Michael Jackson album is on the way. “Immortal” will be released on Nov. 21 and is the soundtrack to the the just-launched Cirque du Soleil show and will feature new versions of some of his biggest hits, because those songs could really use some improvements. Meanwhile, the involuntary manslaughter trial of Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, continues.

- It’s not too shocking that Hank Williams Jr. said something about President Obama that upset plenty of people. But he really outdid himself in comparing Obama to Hitler and, in turn, having ESPN pull his iconic theme song from their Monday Night Football telecast. But this is a guy who performed at Patriot Center last year with a banner on the drum riser that read: "I'll keep my freedom, my guns, my money, my religion and you can keep 'the change.'”

- We can be fairly certain that Drake will not have that same banner behind him when he performs at the Patriot Center on Nov. 15. Tickets go on sale Friday.

Clicky shuffle: Your random song for Tuesday morning:

- Fleetwood Mac, “What Makes You Think You’re the One”