Drake’s new video for “Headlines” features one of his many ugly sweaters.

Rapper Drake "Huxtable" Graham is known for wearing “Cosby Show” sweaters that range from the nostalgically ugly to others kinds of ugly. Sometimes, he experiments: there are cardigans, henleys, pullovers, hooded sweaters, Grandpa-at-Christmas sweaters.

By his own estimation (at least, according to New York magazine), he has more than 1,000 of them. Many of them are quite nice. Others, not as much. Is he being ironic? Charmingly dorky? Is it a Canadian thing? What does he wear when it's summer? Why has no one opened up a Twitter account for "Drake's sweater" yet? Someone should do that.

If we ever interview Drake, which is unlikely to happen if he ever reads this article, we'll ask him these questions. In the meantime, let's get down to it.

5. The Stripey VMAs sweater

Not Drake's first time working a sweater-as-formalwear get up. Probably not his last.

4. The Christmas sweater

In this video for his new single "Headlines," Drake busts out the letterman jackets AND the hoodies AND the pajama-striped shirts AND (at around 1:55), one of his more infamous Christmas crewnecks.

3. The sweater from the video he did with Rihanna

Oh, Drake, no. Just…no.

At least the plastic cup and sweater match. (Getty Images)

1. The Jimmy Kimmel sweater

It retails for $895, which is a lot of money to spend to look like Urkel.

So ugly it's kind of cute: The ersatz Disney sweater