Caitlin Rose’s full-length debut is getting a much-deserved re-release this fall. (Courtesy Tell All Your Friends PR)

But what about the up-and-comers, the cult favorites and the tragically obscure? Click Track has compiled a list of less-heralded, but sure to be just as awesome upcoming releases:

Caitlin Rose, "Own Side Now" (Sept. 27)

Rose's full-length debut, "Own Side Now," a mini masterpiece of torchy ballads and brawny, twangy country pop, was actually released earlier this year. It's set for re-release on Dave Matthews' ATO label later this month, when it will hopefully get the exposure it deserves.

Joker, "The Vision" (Nov. 8)

The British producer and artist is responsible for some of the best, most soulful underground dubstep-slash-grime releases of the past five years (most notably 2009's mind-blowing "Purple City"). He moves above ground with this major-ish label debut.

Trash Talk, "Awake" (Oct. 11)

The Sacramento thrash titans follow up last year's "Eyes Nines" with this equally merciless EP. Listen at your own risk.

Honorable Mention: PUJOL, "Nasty, Brutish and Short" (Oct. 18)

Those who prefer their thrash slightly gothier should check out PUJOL, the Nashville-based one man garage band who name checks Thomas Hobbes (why did no one think to do this before?) on his upcoming Saddle Creek disc.

Dev, "The Night the Sun Came Up" (Nov. 1)

We hope Dev isn’t suffering from Skylar Grey Syndrome, an affliction we just made up which happens when the formerly unknown female voice on a hit single (in Dev's case, Far East Movement's "Like A G6," which sampled her "Booty Bounce") struggles to find success on her own. If her already-delayed album actually gets released, we'll find out.

Rockie Fresh: "Driving 88" (mixtape, coming soon)

Suddenly everywhere (and not to be confused with the equally hot ASAP Rocky), the Chicago rapper is poised to release what could be his breakthrough mixtape. If the great, alt-poppy "No Fear" is any indication, he could very well become the Coldplay of rappers. Except in a good way.