Will Kreayshawn hold our attention until next year? Next week? (Photo credit should read Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images)

Today Click Track takes a look at some of the blogosphere's hottest acts, and handicaps their future prospects.



The story so far: A member of Odd Future's outer circle, this 22 year-old, Ke$ha-evoking rapper got blog famous on the strength of the derivative, but still clever, "Gucci Gucci." In blogland (is there another land that matters?) she has become synonymous with "flavor of the month."

Has there been a backlash?: Yes, because of what many view as her appropriation of African-American culture, and her possibly suicidal tendency to diss Rick Ross (she called him "fake." And that's just the part we can print).

Has there been a backlash to the backlash?: No.

Major label deal?: Yes, with Columbia.

Chance of survival: 1 in 4 as a recording artist, though it's easy to see her becoming a successful art or video director.


Iggy Azalea

The story so far: This foul-mouthed Australian rapper landed stateside with a blog-hit single whose title we can't print. She's like Kreayshawn, if Kreayshawn had a mouth like Lil' Kim and tried even harder than you know Kreayshawn tries.

Has there been a backlash?: Opinion has been split from the beginning between those amazed at her impressive, near-aerobic flow, and those who see her as a bottle blonde arriviste with more looks than talent.

Has there been a backlash to the backlash?: Not yet.

Major label deal?: Not that we know of.

Chance of survival: Too early to tell. Like Nicki Minaj before her, if she wants to be a mainstream success she'll need to tone down the blue streak that got her this far and pretend to be a nice girl.

(Lana Del Rey and ASAP Rocky, after the jump.)

Lana Del Rey

The story so far: Failed singer Lizzy Grant turns herself into a blonde bombshell named Lana Del Rey, releases two seriously amazing buzz tracks, and watches three days of internet worship turn into weeks upon weeks of hate. More than anyone on this list, Del Rey/Grant and her team have a profound understanding of just how to manipulate the blogosphere to their advantage, from the songs to the videos to the image rollout.

Has there been a backlash?: Yes, one mostly focused on Del Rey's new, vampy persona and what appears to be her newly inflated lips. Hipsters feel tricked (sample headline: "Lana Del Rey: Exposed").

Has there been a backlash to the backlash?: Yes. And then more backlash after that.

Major label deal?: Yes, with Interscope. Chance of survival: 3 in 4, if there's more to Del Rey than a few pretty ballads.


ASAP Rocky

The story so far: This Harlem MC sung-rapped through a series of laid back mixtapes that have produced one bonafide hit, "Purple Swag." He's not unique or amazing, but he's very 2011: He's non-threatening, isn't afraid of hooks, sounds like he's from Houston and appeals to both hipsters and mainstream hip-hop heads.

Has there been a backlash?: No.

Has there been a backlash to the backlash?: N/A

Major label deal?: Yes, with Polo Grounds/RCA.

Chance of survival: 2 in 4, if things are kept low-key. He may not be good enough to withstand an extended period of overhype.