Wiz Khalifa will have plenty of company at Merriweather Post Pavilion on Sunday. (Photo by Kyle Gustafson/For The Washington Post)

It’s a wisely chosen, chaff-free assortment of the almost famous, the soon to be famous and the just-missed-being-famous. Click Track sorts out the players below.

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One-sentence bio: The Pennsylvania-based Miller, 19, is a blog sensation and a serviceable rapper with a gift for earworm-y pop-rap.

His big hit: "Donald Trump," from his recent mixtape "Best Day Ever," is up to 17 million hits on YouTube, and Trump himself even tweeted approvingly about it.

What to look out for next: Miller's first official album, "Blue Slide Park."

Khalifa connection: They're labelmates from Pittsburgh, and Miller is a sometime member of Khalifa's loosely knit Taylor Gang.

Fun fact: Miller was (probably) dissed by Asher Roth on his recent track "Kidz These Dayz," because apparently Pennsylvania is only big enough for one white rapper.

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One-sentence bio: Sean spent years as a Kanye West protégé in waiting; his mixtapes were huge, his new debut, "Finally Famous," slightly less so.

His big hit: Nothing momentous, but the Chris Brown collaboration "My Last" has gotten some traction.

What to look out for next: Sean just released his long-awaited debut, "Finally Famous."

Khalifa connection: Khalifa appears on "Finally Famous" and both he and Curren$y are rumored to be working on a mixtape with Sean.

Fun fact: Sean signed to West's label after working up the nerve to freestyle for him at a Detroit radio station one day. "It was like out of the movies," West told MTV. "I could hear his personality and character and style in it. He just walked up to me and said a rap and I said, 'I'mma sign you.' That's what happened."

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One-sentence bio: One of those super-mellow Southerners who raps about weed a lot, Curren$y ping-pongs between slightly underwhelming major label releases and better-regarded mixtapes.

His big hit: None yet.

What to look out for next: Spitta's oft-delayed opus, "Muscle Car Chronicles."

Khalifa Connection: Khalifa is a fan, and the two are frequent collaborators, most notably on "Rolling Papers"' highlight "Rooftops."

Fun fact: "MCC" has its own movie, in which Currensy will star as a traveling birthday clown named Melvin. "We come to kid’s houses and do one-two steps with the balloons and [expletive], but we also burglarize the homes," he told Complex.com.

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One-sentence bio: He's a Southern rap nostalgist (think Pimp C mixed with OutKast) with a bright future, the sort of guy who appeals to both regular hip-hop fans and Pitchfork readers.

His big hit: In March, he released the reputation-cementing free mixtape "Returnof4Eva."

What to look out for next: His official September debut disc, "Live From the Underground."

Khalifa connection: The two are frequent collaborators and tourmates.

Fun fact: K.R.I.T. stands for "King Remembered in Time." “It’s a humble way of saying I’m gonna be on top of my lane as far as music is concerned," K.R.I.T. told I-Donline.

Chevy Woods

One-sentence bio:  Frequently referred to as Khalifa's right hand man, the Pittsburgh rapper started getting noticed after his appearance on Khalifa's "Cabin Fever" mixtape.

His big hit: Nothing yet.

What to look out for next: Early leaks from Woods' upcoming mixtape "The Cookout" sound promising; Wiz is featured prominently.

Khalifa connection: He's a Taylor Gang member and, at eight years and counting, one of Khalifa's longest running associates.

Fun fact: Known as Kev Tha Hustla until recently, his real name is Kevin Woods. We think.