Singer Chhom Nimol led L.A.-based Dengue Fever through upbeat, worldly tunes at the Black Cat on Wednesday. (All photos by Josh Sisk/FTWP) (Josh Sisk/FTWP)

Wearing a backless gold-lame dress, Nimol certainly didn't disappear during the L.A. sextet's 80-minute set. But the petite singer had more competition in concert than she does on the group's recordings. The towering Senon Gaus Williams was all over the stage, playing the role of cheerleader as much as bassist. Sax, trumpet and flute man David Ralicke was equally exuberant, and guitarist Zac Holtzman attracted attention with his verve, but also with a beard worthy of an Orthodox rabbi and a two-necked instrument, the mastodong, that combines an electric guitar with a traditional Cambodian lute, the chapei dong veng. (Used only briefly, the hybrid was more important visually than musically.)