Jill Scott exuding confidence from the Verizon Center stage on Sunday night. (All photos by Kyle Gustafson/FTWP)

Scott’s confidence was clear when she took the stage and fronted her massive all-male band. With them clad all in black, Scott’s intergalactic b-girl ensemble of doorknocker earrings, spangly blue dress and neon green kicks focused all attention on her. Her energetically dancing background singers, dubbed “The Pipes,” referenced a diva named Gladys who had her own set of supportive Pips. Scott opened in frisky fashion with “Magnificent,” a party jam that feminizes the golden-age bravado of the Special Ed hit that it covers and paired nicely with the slinky disco workout of “Gimme.”

“Le BOOM Vent Suite” and “Rolling Hills” suffered from more of the lyrical cliches that plagued Scott’s recent release but benefited from long, multiple section arrangements that she and the band could explore. “Slowly Surely” from 2001’s “Who Is Jill Scott?” benefited the most from Scott’s ability to improve upon recorded songs. In its original state, it’s a hypnotic mantra about walking away from toxic love. In its current live incarnation, it’s an engrossing statement of affirmation, brought to an emotional height when interpolating De La Soul’s “Stakes Is High” and Ahmad Jamal’s “Swahililand.”