Jimmy Cobb remains a jazz drumming force more than 50 years after his performance on Miles Davis’s “Kind of Blue.” (Photos by Marlon Correa/TWP)

Indeed, two of the men in Cobb’s quartet (billed as “Jimmy Cobb & Friends”) are about half his age. Tenor saxophonist Javon Jackson and bassist John Webber, both in their 40s, have skill and energy to spare. Cobb effortlessly kept up with them — and veteran pianist George Cables — on burning renditions of “My Shining Hour” and “If I Were a Bell.”

Though Cobb’s position at the helm of the band was never in doubt, Jackson was the ensemble’s lead melodic voice. He approached the repertoire with lean lyricism and explored the hidden possibilities of standby bebop riffs. But his gruff, harmonically tense edge was quick to surface, first flexing its muscles on “Someday My Prince Will Come” and rising to a fever pitch a la John Coltrane on “Kind of Blue” ’s signature tune, “So What.”