U.K. electro-rock band Metronomy played a sold-out show at Rock & Roll Hotel on Saturday. (All photos by Marlon Correa/TWP)

In expanding the band, Mount has added two notable assets: bassist Gbenga Adelekan and drummer Anna Prior, whose playing put muscle beneath the tinkly melodies of such songs as “The Look” and “Radio Ladio.” Yet Mount hasn’t jettisoned his cheesier ideas, including having each musician wear a light on his or her chest. (These were originally battery-powered push lights, like the ones people buy for deep closets, but the band has upgraded to ones that turn on and off remotely and can pulse in tandem.) The band also relied on corny coordinated hand movements and such Spinal Tap-like exhortations as, “Rock and Roll Hotel, make some noise!” Musically, the low point may have been keyboardist Oscar Cash’s wobbly saxophone solo at the end of “Back On the Motorway,” which merely mimicked the tune’s synth hook.