Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump showcased his solo material Sunday at Rock & Roll Hotel. (All photos by Josh Sisk/FTWP)

Stump, at 27, is instead trying out for a career without his tabloid-friendly lite-punk band, which is on hiatus, and for acceptance from fans of a different genre: lite funk.

Stump spent much of his 50-minute set testing out material from his solo debut, “Soul Punk,” a CD due to be released this fall on which he plays all the instruments and does all the singing. Most of the show had a Justin Timberlake-ish feel, and Stump’s better tunes usually aim no higher than to have a good beat so you can dance to them. He doesn’t try to hide the joy he gets from performing, and that giddiness made his occasional attempts at edginess — he tried tackling the downers of adulthood on “Bad Side of 25” and attacked greed on “Big Hype” — tough to buy into.