U.K. folk trio Peggy Sue mined American sounds at Montserrat House (Photos by Marlon Correa/TWP)

Formed in Brighton and now based in London, Peggy Sue was once linked to the U.K.’s “new folk” scene. But Young and fellow singer-guitarist Rosa Slade plugged in their instruments before making “Acrobats,” the group’s second album. On Saturday, the minor-key tunes and close harmonies suggested Appalachia’s “high lonesome” sound, while the raucous guitars were more in the spirit of such female-fronted folk-goes-punk groups as Ut and Salem 66. Unlike such precursors, Peggy Sue lacks a bassist. But Young occasionally played bass riffs on her top strings, and Olly Joyce’s distinctive thumping gave an appealing swing to such songs as “Song and Dance,” which featured waltzlike passages.