Local band Caribbean performs at the Velvet Lounge. L-R: Guitarist Dave Jones, Singer-guitarist Michael Kentoff, Drummer Matthew Byars. (Josh Sisk/For The Washington Post)

None of the sounds the Caribbean made during the 50-minute set were actually unprecedented. The sort of whooshes, drones and whines produced by Kentoff and fellow guitarist David Jones — and their impressive array of effects pedals — are all heard on its latest album, "Discontinued Perfume.'' But that recording generally submerges its spacey noises and samples under acoustic guitars and warm, airy vocals that sometimes resemble those of Scritti Politti's Green Gartside.

In performance, the musicians went (a little) wilder. There were passages — brief ones, to be sure — that could be described as rave-ups, and the closing "That Anxious Age'' meandered into aural abstraction over a trip-hop shuffle. The noise was invigorating, in a buttoned-down sort of way.