Tori Amos devoted the first half of her Monday concert to a new album that is based on classical compositions. (Photos by Kyle Gustafson/FTWP)

She’s touring backed only by a classical Polish quartet, Apollon Musagète, and spent the first three-quarters of the nearly two-hour set on the ambitious and largely hook-free new material (”Nautical Twilight,” and “Shattering Sea” were among the oceanic offerings).

Even when the quartet’s bows were most active, Amos’ vocals dominated, and throughout the night she showed she’s still got an amazing voice. These days she’s using it to sound almost exactly like Kate Bush, which is no mean feat. Amos, who now lives in Cornwall in Bush’s native UK, even gave a fabulous cover of “Running Up That Hill,” a Bush song that had by far the night’s biggest dose of melody.