Zola Jesus performed at a near-capacity U Street Music Hall on Thursday.(Photos by Kyle Gustafson/FTWP)

On Thursday night at U Street Music Hall, Danilova delivered a one-hour set to a near-capacity crowd that swayed in solemn unison while she struck yogalike poses amid the soft blue stage lighting.

Danilova’s music has its roots in the funereal sounds of early ’80s post-punk and goth rock — groups such as the Cocteau Twins, the Cure and Dead Can Dance, who used then-current production technology — samplers, drum machines, cavernous digital reverb effects — to imbue songs with epic theatricality and abstract edge. These groups blurred the lines between art-rock and mainstream pop and, sometimes, found temporary purchase with larger audiences. It’s not hard to imagine Danilova forging a similar connection with the masses.