Zola Jesus performs at the Black Cat on Friday night. (Photo by Angel Ceballos)

“I feel like whenever I create something, it’s never right,” she says. “It’s never what I want it to be. When I sing I only hear the flaws. I only hear the weakness in the voice. I only hear the things I’ve wanted to change my whole life. I think this record was for me to try to liberate myself from that. In a way it helped but I still have a lot to work.

“I would love to make something and feel good about it. A lot of my career is spent in utter self-deprecation and self-criticism. Always scratching to create something so much bigger than myself and always feeling like I’m falling short. The melancholy from that is hard to deal with. I would like for once just to be proud of something that I do. I’ll get there.”

It’s not all doom and gloom with Danilova, though, as you can find out by reading the full story. Zola Jesus performs at the Black Cat tonight.