Animal Collective will finally play the one venue it is meant to play. (Adriano Feguendes)

That album rocketed the group from underground favorites to legit superstars, as it topped countless year-end best-of lists, including the Village Voice and Pitchfork. The band performed at 9:30 Club in May 2009 but hasn’t played a local show since.

Animal Collective is well-known for performing not-yet-released material at its concerts; at a recent Coachella warm up show in San Francisco, almost the entire set consisted of new songs. But how can they not take the opportunity to play some (many?) songs from their most popular album at the venue that inspired it. They could even take the performing an album in its entirety gimmick to an entirely new level: performing an entire album at the venue the album was named after. That’s headspinning, even for Animal Collective.