You probably got here by searching for Justin Bieber. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

- Things keep getting worse for Lil Boosie. The Louisiana rapper — already incarcerated on drug charges and awaiting trial for first-degree murder — was given an additional eight-year term for attempting to smuggle drugs into state prison.

- Kanye West, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj (and Maroon 5) performed at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show about a month ago and it aired last night while you were watching “Storage Wars.”

- The City Paper’s Ryan Little reports happy news that Black Cat Bill, the D.C. club’s longtime unofficial doorman is, in fact, alive after rumors of his death surfaced over the weekend. The City Paper’s Leor Galil has also been digging deeper on last week’s Elliott Smith/WMUC story with two followups. An important distinction — the lost MiniDisc served as the impetus to the discovery of lost track “Misery Let Me Down,” but files of the session had been happily, if somewhat obscurely, been living on the station’s server prior to the disc being sent in. In addition, the originally reported 1997 date is indeed the correct one. Two members of the Elliott Smith fan community Sweet Adeline — Eddiebrock and bumbletort — have pieced together some relevant info: A post-session voiceover by Smith, “You're listening to Elliott Smith live on WUMC, for Third Rail Radio, Program No. 27,” this archived schedule of Third Rail programs (nice bookings of Chisel, Palace, Frodus and the Lilys!) and although Smith is missing from that list, his April 17, 1997 show at Black Cat places him there for what would be program 27. Thanks to Sweet Adeline members .

Das Racist performing “Michael Jackson” on “Conan” earlier this week. Watch below.