- When Justin Timberlake visits “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,” guest and host usually have something special planned. Last night it was a sequel to their popular “History of Rap” medley. With house band the Roots providing the music, Timberlake and Fallon offered bits and pieces of songs by the likes of Public Enemy, DJ Kool, OutKast and ... Cali Swag District. Watch the video above.

- Local MC Phil Ade released a new mixtape yesterday, “A Different World.” It’s available for free download and he’ll be performing at an album release party at U Street Music Hall tonight.

- Rapper Lil Boosie is in jail for drug and gun possession and is facing a first-degree murder charge. Now he’s been indicted for allegedly smuggling sizzurp into a Louisiana prison.

Clicky shuffle: Your random song for Wednesday morning:

- Juana Molina, “Un Dia”