Sharon Van Etten by herself, the way one incredibly rude concertgoer would prefer her. (Courtesy Pitch Perfect PR)

Later Keith took the microphone to tell a genuinely entertaining tour tale about a stop in the Helsinki airport. (It involved him doing an impression of the Swedish chef singing “Happy Birthday.”) People were laughing. Van Etten thanked Keith and Lord for putting up with her for eight weeks and joked that she was surprised they hadn’t fired her yet. Then some in the audience yells...


A moment of silence. Then everyone in the sold-out club let out that “Ohhhh!!!” sound that you may remember from when a student talked back to a teacher in elementary school. Van Etten and her bandmates were silent for a few seconds, standing there in a “did that really just happen?” state of shock. The shouter tried to pass it off as a joke, but it was too late. The poor dudes in the rhythm section looked genuinely bummed. That would be one of the final memories of tour. Good vibes destroyed.

It wasn’t the meanest thing I’ve ever heard shouted at someone on stage, not even close. But all things considered, it may have been the most brutal.