Odd Future performed at Washington’s U Street Music Hall back in February — and have picked up scores of young fans since. (Josh Sisk/FTWP)

The hurricane of hype that surrounded the Los Angeles rap collective earlier this year seems to have leveled off into a tropical storm of fan devotion, with scores of fresh-faced teens moshing around the 9:30 hardwood way past their bedtimes. After surviving a slew of chatter-sparking appearances at SXSW, Coachella, the VMAs (and local gigs at U Street Music Hall and Rock & Roll Hotel), the group no longer felt like it belonged to the blogerati — it felt like it belonged to the proverbial “kids.”

One of them lurked near the back of the 9:30 toward the end of Sunday/Monday’s sweaty 70-minute set, having snatched rapper Left Brain’s hat during one a stage dive early in the show. The kid showed the hat off to his friend (“Swag!”), stuffed it in his pants, and marched back into the mosh pit.